> Huh? sparc64 *is* UltraSPARC. Any SPARC machine made around the mid-90ies 
> is an UltraSPARC. Are you confusing sun4u and sun4v?

Maybe; I was referring to sun4u vs. other, older sparc32 architectures.
I had SparcStation at one point, and those were certainly not sparc64.
These are (obviously) not supported by debian-sparc64.

>> Ok. I'll contact them and ask if this is a good way to move forward. Why
>> is it in unreleased? Because of bugs, or because it's only available on
>> a ports architecture?
> No. Because the sparc-utils package builds on a ports architecture only
> and a package that does not produce any binaries on the release
> architectures is not accepted by the archive.
> We could modify sparc-utils maybe that it builds on the release
> architectures similar to what the hppa porters do with their palo package.

I'll have a look. It doesn't look like this package would only build/work on
sparc. Usefulness is a different matter - but that's probably outside the
scope of acceptance criteria?

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