Hi Adrian

John Paul Adrian Glaubitz wrote:
Well, that doesn't really help you though. You want to find the commit in 
just the range isn't enough to solve the issue.

Well, a little bit it helped, it is something early in the 5.10 series.
Also I have now an apparently working kernel (who knows how stable under load?) 5.9 series

If you have a fast second machine available, bisecting the problem shouldn't 
too long.

Well, this Machine has plenty of ram, disk space and good connection, how fast the CPU is in compiling a kernel I don't know, but we can try. Power consumption is not so much worse than a PC, but it is darn loud! Like a vacuum cleaner... I need to stay out of the room, but I found an acceptable setup. I use a workstation with a serial console connected to it, the connect through ssh to the workstation and through that into the management.

Although I am used to compile kernels on Gentoo LInux since 15 years, I never did on Debian. Here we have init images

How should I proceed? Which kernel sources?


is 4.3 correct for me? 4.6 ?

Please guide me


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