Hi Adrian,

On 16.03.21 14:27, John Paul Adrian Glaubitz wrote:
Hello Frank!

On 3/16/21 2:07 PM, Frank Scheiner wrote:
After a first cross compile run, I can confirm that 5.10-rc1 is also
broken on my T1000. I'll take this version (parent commit:
33def8498fdde180023444b08e12b72a9efed41d) as "bad". But taking v5.9 as
good means more than 5000 commits in between. Linus's tree doesn't
contain v5.9.16 or at least I didn't find it there. How can I get "good"
closer to "bad"? I don't want to check too many good versions if I know
that v5.9.16 most likely will be good, as v5.9.15 (5.9.0-5 on Debian) is
good? Should I switch to the stable kernel sources from GKH?

I'm not sure I am understand your problem here. The bisecting algorithm
has a runtime O(ln(n)), so even with 5000 commits, it will converge quite

Yeah, you're right, I think I make this error every time I try to bisect
the kernel - i.e. once every two years... ;-)

Just make sure you are using a fast machine when compiling the kernel
as otherwise it won't be fun.

Other topic: As the compile times are actually taking less time than the
preparation of the test boot (copy over modules to T1000 root FS, boot
T1000 with working kernel, create initramfs, reboot with kernel in
question and that initramfs), is there a way to create the initramfs
(for sparc64) on the cross compile host (amd64)?


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