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On 3/16/21 2:07 PM, Frank Scheiner wrote:
> After a first cross compile run, I can confirm that 5.10-rc1 is also
> broken on my T1000. I'll take this version (parent commit:
> 33def8498fdde180023444b08e12b72a9efed41d) as "bad". But taking v5.9 as
> good means more than 5000 commits in between. Linus's tree doesn't
> contain v5.9.16 or at least I didn't find it there. How can I get "good"
> closer to "bad"? I don't want to check too many good versions if I know
> that v5.9.16 most likely will be good, as v5.9.15 (5.9.0-5 on Debian) is
> good? Should I switch to the stable kernel sources from GKH?

I'm not sure I am understand your problem here. The bisecting algorithm
has a runtime O(ln(n)), so even with 5000 commits, it will converge quite

Just make sure you are using a fast machine when compiling the kernel
as otherwise it won't be fun.


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