> Do you know if I can via serial-console reset the system?
> I tried sending a break on the serial console, but the errors just keep
> running.
> Break is received, since I see it as SC Alert, but I am not put into the
> console, maybe there is some further trick on these newer machine? I am
> used to old SparcStations and UltraSparc Netras, where it was sufficient.
> It is inconvenient at every hang to power-cycle, since at every turn on,
> it runs a self-test which lasts minutes :)

According to this, you should be able to reach the system console
through the SER MGT port:
NET MGT is probably easier, but you'll have to set it up first.

Perhaps you can also attach a USB keyboard and press the break key to
get into the system console, then type "reset" to boot the machine? Not
sure if this works without a monitor though. And you might need to enter
the system password first, if it's set.

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