Hello All,

i would be very interested in getting Firefox and Thunderbird (and possibly
Seamonkey, but this isn't available at all with debian it seam) running, if
possible at all for the newer versions.

I would be willing to file error reports and produce gdb output on crashes,
if this would help and someone could direct me to information on how and
where to do it for debian.
I have a few Sparc64 machines (Ultra45, Blade100, Ultra10, T1000, V120) to

What i can get running (but also with errors) are only to following two

All later packages crash with bus errors.

But as the latest versions for Sparc64 are well behind the releases on the
other architectures, would debian even accept bug reports for older
packages? (eg. firefox-esr 78 x86_64 vs. firefox-esr 60 sparc64)

Rust seems not to be an issue any more for sparc64/linux, but the general
upstream neglect of sparc64 seems to be the major problem.

I would like to hear opinions on how to proceed or if you think this is a
lost cause?


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