Hi Adrian,

thank you for your time. This sounds a bit complicated for the newer

Currently i don't know where to start.
I was trying to build the old firefox52 and thunderbird52 which run on
NetBSD/Sparc64 from pkgsrc and manually. The thunderbird52 exists on debian
and the firefox package did skip 52 and was only released as a 50 with
error messages filling up the console. I can get them to build with pkgsrc
and manually but some patches seem to be missing to avoid bus errors in
libxul.so on debian.

Unfortunately i don't know yet how debian builds its own packages and where
to find the patches used in those builds, so that i could reproduce the
building of firefox50 and thunderbird52 to maybe learn something as a
starting point.


On Tue, Nov 9, 2021 at 12:55 PM John Paul Adrian Glaubitz <
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> On 11/8/21 11:07, Rick Leir wrote:
> > The reason that I think PPC is related is that, if it is also BE then
> PPC users may
> > have solved some of the compatibility problems that we experience. I
> realize that
> > there's  a difference in this between PPC and Sparc; but some of the
> PPC  fixes can
> > at least suggest Sparc fixes as long as they have stayed BE. IBM is
> putting considerable
> > effort into this.
> The fundamental problem with Firefox and Thunderbird is that building both
> requires NodeJS.
> There is no NodeJS for SPARC which is why you have to compile the
> JavaScript sources on a
> different architecture and then put them into the SPARC
> Firefox/Thunderbird packages, see:
> >
> https://github.com/oracle/solaris-userland/tree/master/components/desktop/firefox/wrapper-node
> This has got nothing to do with big-endian vs. little-endian.
> > I talked with an IBM consultant at the X11 conference in Montreal two
> years ago. But we didn't
> > discuss Sparc. And I didn't discuss IBM changing to LE. Is it true?
> IBM is supporting Linux on POWER both big- and little-endian. Their
> zSeries mainframes are BE
> and so is AIX on POWER.
> Big-endian is not going anywhere, doesn't matter what anyone on Phoronix
> or the LKML writes.
> And it's not related to Firefox or Thunderbird on SPARC as explained above.
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