On 11/8/21 11:07, Rick Leir wrote:
> The reason that I think PPC is related is that, if it is also BE then PPC 
> users may
> have solved some of the compatibility problems that we experience. I realize 
> that
> there's  a difference in this between PPC and Sparc; but some of the PPC  
> fixes can
> at least suggest Sparc fixes as long as they have stayed BE. IBM is putting 
> considerable
> effort into this.

The fundamental problem with Firefox and Thunderbird is that building both 
requires NodeJS.

There is no NodeJS for SPARC which is why you have to compile the JavaScript 
sources on a
different architecture and then put them into the SPARC Firefox/Thunderbird 
packages, see:

> https://github.com/oracle/solaris-userland/tree/master/components/desktop/firefox/wrapper-node

This has got nothing to do with big-endian vs. little-endian.

> I talked with an IBM consultant at the X11 conference in Montreal two years 
> ago. But we didn't
> discuss Sparc. And I didn't discuss IBM changing to LE. Is it true?

IBM is supporting Linux on POWER both big- and little-endian. Their zSeries 
mainframes are BE
and so is AIX on POWER.

Big-endian is not going anywhere, doesn't matter what anyone on Phoronix or the 
LKML writes.

And it's not related to Firefox or Thunderbird on SPARC as explained above.


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