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On 4/2/22 03:34, Dennis Clarke wrote:
> I am not so sure about this yet until I can rebuild the required grub
> binaries with full debug info. For at least a year ( or more ) I have
> seen "really bad things"(tm) happen when I try to make a new initrd on
> sparc64. Generally the machine seems to pack up and go away with nary a
> single packet out to the world. To look into this problem I use a serial
> attached good old 9600 baud console and watch what happens when I try to
> do a make install from within the Linux source tree :
> (...)
> So therefore I think that there is a bug in /usr/sbin/grub-probe and it
> really kills the whole "make install" process from within the Linux
> kernel source tree or any other way you choose to run it.
> Has anyone else seen this ?

This isn't a bug in GRUB but a kernel bug that affects older SPARC machines
like your UltraSPARC IIIi. Unfortunately, no one has had the time yet to bisect
this issue.

But since you seem to have a reliable reproducer, you can start trying to bisect
the kernel to find the commit that introduced this regression.


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