Dennis Clarke a écrit :
> Somewhat annoyed by reality but I have to ask.
> [ here you need to hear a long whine noise like metal failing ]
> I have a Fujitsu/Oracle M3000 brick sitting in my world and near as I
> can tell it runs nothing other than Oracle Solaris 11.3 and will never
> be able to run anything else. Not even the "free to download" Oracle
> Solaris 11.4 because the Lawnmower killed all sparc support for all
> sparc hardware other than a T4 and upwards. For now anyways.
> [ end of high pitch whine ]
> Thus with 64G of ECC memory and four very expensive 15k rpm SAS disks
> the thing is a brick.  Or is it ?
> Is there any reasonable way to :
>     [A] netboot Debian
>     [B] toss it on a scrap heap for re-cycle
> Would love to hear any input from folks who have tried.

        I haven't this kind of server, but some others Sparc64. OpenBSD and
NetBSD don't run on M3000. You can test FreeBSD that supported some
SPARC64, but...

"UltraSPARC is a Tier 2 architecture through FreeBSD 12.x. It is no
longer supported in FreeBSD 13.0 and later."

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