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 From folks who have tried? Sorry, no. If the info below is not
helpful, sorry and please just delete my message.
Is illumos or SmartOS an option? Info from Bryan Cantrill:

Following a few links from that article to
https://illumos.org/docs/about/distro/ , I see that
derived systems claim to have SPARC builds: Tribblix, DilOS, and V9os.

cheers -- Rick

Yep .. been there and read that. Even if any of those did work at all we
are going in a circle and landing back on some Solaris thing. That is
not really of any value any more. It is beginning to sound a lot like
Oracle sold a whack of machines to people about ten years ago and they
are all dead pieces of trash and junk today. Nothing runs there any

They should still run just fine on older versions of Solaris (8 or 10 ?)
and similar
aged Debian and BSD variants. Not trash, just stuck in their own time.

I have customers still running Ultra 60s and a few still on ancient
stuff running
SunOs 4.1.4, they still run the tasks they were bought for and will be
with modern kit when they finally die. The killer will be the SCSI disks.

Been running Solaris 10 on an M3000 for 5 or 6 years now, for the home
lab server. Has a perfectly usable desktop with the addition of an
XVR300 graphics card and a pcie usb card, as the usb on the M3k is
not reachable from the host os. Forget the make, but just looked for a
usb card with a chipset supported under the sol 10 hcl.

Damn good machine and faster than any other Spparc ever run here...


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