On 5/16/22 00:15, Chris Quayle wrote:
>> It is a damn good machine. However it can *only* run Solaris 10 or maybe
>> Solaris 11.3 and in both cases you need an Oracle contract. Otherwise
>> good luck getting updates or access to the IPS repo.
> Never bothered about updates, but what is the IPS repo ?. Could we
> have a group buy for, say a V120 and share ?. Depends on the cost I'
> guess.

The last update released for 11.3 is called

        "Oracle Solaris 11.3 Limited Support Updates (LSRU)"

and can be found on some torrent sites.

For Solaris 11.4, you can just install the CBE version which has full access
to update repositories for free.


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