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On 5/15/22 15:52, Dennis Clarke wrote:
Yep .. been there and read that. Even if any of those did work at all we
are going in a circle and landing back on some Solaris thing. That is
not really of any value any more. It is beginning to sound a lot like
Oracle sold a whack of machines to people about ten years ago and they
are all dead pieces of trash and junk today. Nothing runs there any

FWIW, Oracle has released a community version of Solaris called "CBE" [1]
which runs on any SPARC-T4 or newer machine. So, if you want to run a
current version of Solaris, you can do that with a used T4 off eBay.


Yep. I have a friend that is doing that but there is no joy in it.
I think the real issue for me is that the M3000 is a brick.
A 64G ECC memory brick with 15k rpm SAS disks in it. Sad.

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