Ron Johnson wrote:

> On Mon, 2002-06-10 at 21:57, Richard Beri wrote:
> > Am I the only person getting Mozilla 1.0 to crash all the time in Sid?  
> > So many different pages it just locks up.  I was having this problem 
> > with RC1-3 and thought that 1.0final would clear it up but it hasn't.   
> > Try and thats just the tip of the 
> > iceberg.  I've tried deleting ~/.mozilla and starting fresh but this 
> > doesn't help.  The worst part is that I can't just restart mozilla, and 
> > have to do a "killall mozilla-bin"   Anybody else getting stability 
> > issues with Mozilla 1.0?
> 1.0rc3-1 is very stable on my system.  What do I have to do to
> get to crash mozilla?

I tried in Mozilla 1.0 from Sid, and also
on a Red Hat 7.2 system with the RPMs, and also under
Windows using the installer. No problems whatsoever. I
explored the site a bit, too; I didn't just look at the front page.

The only sites I've seen that have trouble with Mozilla 1.0 are poorly
designed sites that say they don't support Netscape 6, and in fact don't
work all that well even with their recommended browsers, such as IE 5.5
or 6.0.


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