I tried the "dpkg-reconfigure mozilla-browser" and set the audio to 
"none" but mozilla was still crashing.  Right now I have just disabled 
the kde artsd server altogether and mozilla is stable.  Granted I have 
no sound in kde, but I can still play mp3's with xmms, and hear sound 
in movies in xine.  So I go without the few beeps and whistles in kde, 
which I never use much anyway.  What are the differences between esd 
and the artsd wrapper anyway?

> I'm looking really for long time for a solution on that issue,
> without helpful results. You can search in several german mozilla
> and debian groups. I never received a fully satisfied answer.
> My last chance is to purge anything that has to do with mozilla,
> because I have at least 4 versions shoulder at shoulder (like the
> germans use to say :). After deleting all traces of them I'll
> gonna reinstall one mozilla 1.0 version with apt-get from unstable.
> There is a chance that the earlier installed tarballs desturb the
> method to avoid mozilla to grab for the esd or dsp (don't know
> exactly), provided by the deb scripts.
> Do you agree that this deals with the bug
> http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=58339 ?
> I'll gonna purge my mozilla's at the end of the week.
> So, hopefully we'll got an answer than.
> cu
> gerhard

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