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> Ye all Linux Wizzards.
> plunging around some time with debian (at the moment 2.4.18 kernel) I
> am trying to set up a linux box as a gateway.

What you want is probably masquerading. Read the ipfilter documentation 
at http://netfilter.samba.org/ to see how to set up iptables for 
masquerading. There's a section named after this in the FAQ I think.

> What I have:
> Ethernet network as a local home network.
> The linux box has (of course) one ethernet interface (eth0) and one
> cablemodem, connected to com1 (This is acting as a dialup modem!!!!
> ppp0)
> What I want:
> is a connection that builds a connection to the internet as soon as
> one of the networkboxes has an "internetquestion" and brings it down
> again after some idletime (not because of the costs but merely as a
> part of securing the system. Not connected is not vulnerable, isn't
> it?!
> The system is Debian. The ppp0 connection (pon provider) works fine.
> I am configuring iptables.
> What is the best way to manage the ppp-link. Use diald??
> pon won't do the trick because my provider serves me a dynamic
> IP-number, so 'persist' and 'idle' in /etc/ppp/peers/provider won't
> work properly anymore after switching IP's.

Normally, pppd should do the trick. It can be run as daemon with 
automatic dialup when activity on the device is detected and you can 
specify an "idle" timeout after which the connection is automatically 
dropped. The pppd manpage is quite good and should help you there.

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