Dear all,

I installed Debian 2.2r6, installed a ppp-dialup link. This works fine with 
'pon provider'
I automated it with diald so it responds when there is an ISP-request an brings 
the link
down after som idle time. So far, so good.

I recently installed a new kernel 2.4.18. This look OK, but diald is dead 
(process is running thou). It won't respond
to commands such as 'lynx', 'route' etc..... Everything look the same as with 
2.2r6. Same scripts are there, 
diald-process is running.

Reinstalled diald while 2.4.18 is active, no change. ppp is working fine (pon 
provider establishes the link). Running 2.2r6
(2.2.20 kernel) everything works fine, including diald.

What could be the problem here? Any clues?

Anybody could help a little???

Thanx in advance,

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