On Sat, 2002-06-15 at 18:34, B. L. Jilek wrote:
> I have a SuperMicro P6DBU motherboard with built in SCSI.  All
> the drives are SCSI on the system.  I just recently bought a 80G
> IDE drive to use for storage.
> The problem is that after I installed the drive the system booted
> up fine.  I have the bootup in the bios to start with Floppy
> then SCSI drives.  It worked fine.
> I was adding an append for the /dev/hda in lilo and ran lilo.
> When I did it gave me an warning that the drive /dev/sda was
> not the first drive in the system.  After rebooting the bios
> said it was booting from SCSI as normal but I got the constant
> 01 01 01 01 thing.
> I've tried various things like returning lilo to it's original
> configuration and the bios was not modified from when It used
> to boot fine.  I'm thinking it's a lilo confusion problem.
> The way I got around this was to install lilo on /dev/hda with
> "other=/dev/sda" in it (the only thing in lilo.conf.hda).  And
> keeping lilo on /dev/sda to boot the system.  It works fine
> like that.  As long as I set the bios to boot from IDE primary master
> instead of from SCSI.  The problem with that setup is I can't
> boot from CDrom unless I change the bios back to booting from SCSI.
> I'm just wanting to know if there are any lilo tricks to get it to
> see /dev/sda as the first drive.  Or if anyone has experience with
> the SuperMicro P6DBU Board that knows of this problem.

Try grub, you wont have this type of problem.

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