Hello List,

Jerome BENOIT wrote:
Hello Johan,

thanks for your quick answer.

Johan Grönqvist wrote:
Jerome BENOIT skrev:
Does any one know why broadcom-sta was remove from Testing and Unstable ?

 From the bug report:

"This driver has been orphaned and does not build against kernel
version 2.6.31.  The hardware it supports should now be handled by the
in-tree b43 driver."

I guess that I was looking for such a Bug Report.
But this aasertion is partially false as a version of broadcom-sta
that compiled against kernel 2.6.31 is privided by broadcom:

It seems that b43 is supposed to do everything that broadcom-sta did.
(To use b43, you may need to install b43-fwcutter from contrib, and let it download firmware for your card. I have to, at least.)

I will give it a try as soon as I have time.

It seems not to work with my Broadcom BCM4322 and kernel 2.6.31 .
May be it will get better with kernel 2.6.32 .



Hope it helps.

It helps, thanks a lot,

/ johan


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