>>> It seems not to work with my Broadcom BCM4322 and kernel 2.6.31 .
>> It works well for many people under various kernel versions, so you may
>> want to insist a bit, or at least post a description of the way it
>> doesn't work (dmesg output would be a good start, along with
>> a description of what you've done).
> Ok. my kernel is a amd64 kernel, my box being an aluminium MacBook,
> and I running Lenny tainted with some Squeeze.

> In /var/log/syslog, I got when I do `modprobe b43'

> Oct 19 22:54:48 XXX kernel: b43-phy2: Broadcom 4322 WLAN found (core revision 
> 16)
> Oct 19 22:54:48 XXX kernel: b43-phy2 ERROR: FOUND UNSUPPORTED PHY (Analog 8, 
> Type 4, Revision 4)
> Oct 19 22:54:48 XXX kernel: b43: probe of ssb0:0 failed with error -95
> Oct 19 22:54:48 XXX kernel: Broadcom 43xx driver loaded [ Features: P, 
> Firmware-ID: FW13 ]

Apparently this is too-new and not yet supported indeed.  Sorry for
getting your hopes up.  You may want to ask around on
gmane.linux.kernel.wireless.general to see if there's any progress on
getting suport for that card.


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