On Fri 16 Sep 2016 at 12:30:47 (+0100), Lisi Reisz wrote:
> On Friday 16 September 2016 09:34:56 Joe wrote:
> > The same way you do in any medium-heavyweight Linux DE.
> No, that is not how I do it in Linux, and having to do it that cumbersome way 
> in Windows  and sometimes LibreOffice is a constant minor niggle.
> In Linux, I sweep the mouse over what I want to copy to select it, then go to 
> where I want to paste it and middle click.  On a two button mouse press both 
> buttons simultaneously.
> In my DE that even works in the terminal.

Have a care, we don't want Harry Hill shouting "Fiiiiiiight!"

All these methods work in various circumstances because X tries to
allow them all. But the way they interact is complicated by which
buffer is holding the information: X selection, Clipboard, Kill-ring;
on the local machine, on the remote machine, etc.

And where the pasted information goes is also configurable: in emacs I
can select with the mouse like Lisi, but the paste will always go to
the active cursor position (at the flashing blob called "point"), not
to where the middle button is clicked. But that's my choice; and
probably not the default.

This is one area where a bit of experimentation will help much more
than trying to understand the scattered documentation. There's no
Gates/Jobs (showing my age) defining and documenting what can be done,
and I don't think it's possible to write a document that would cover
every conceivable DE, WM, browser, editor, office-style app etc.,
2/3/N-button mouse, not forgeting the entire repertoire of keyboards,
languages and key-redefinitions that are possible. (And don't forget
the plain old linux console.)

The best I've found (for me) is



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