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On Saturday 17 September 2016 14:43:04 Alan McConnell wrote:
> Alas for the days of wheezy, when everything _worked_!!

Wheezy is LTS (though admittedly more successfully for servers), so if 
everything Just Worked, and you liked it, why did you change?  There are 
indeed valid reasons, but what is yours?
       Lisi, as you must know, Debian moves on; eventually Stable becomes
       Old-stable, and after a while support, especially security support
       disappears.  I have been using Debian at least since Sarge.  I forget
       the different Toy Story names(potato, squeeze. etc), but I eventually
       went to wheezy, which is now very old.  I have never had trouble
       moving from one Debian to the next.  Until now.  jessie has given
       me immense trouble, vastly more than any other installation.  Knowing
       what I know now: perhaps I should have stayed with wheezy until
       stretch became stable.

       I hope that answers your question.  I don't think the above answer helps
       you, or anyone else, to solve my problems(the one remaining one, after
       all this time and effort, is _sound_/alsa).  But I am trying to be

       In another related post you ask:
By what method did you try and what reason have you to think that it is
already installed?
       You are referring to alsa.  My answer: I have alsa-utils in my
       /etc/init.d/, and I have looked at this script.  I get no complaint
       from it upon booting.

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