Initially looked into the replaygain stuff in 2008. Don't remember what all was available at the time. Remember that I looked into Sounkoverter and easymp3gain-gtk.
More recently have preferred easymp3gain-qt.

I'm running unstable, investigating why esaymp3gain-gtk/-qt are showing up in the obsolete software list, it was removed by request. Aacgain handles MP3 files so that fact that easymp3gain was removed some time ago is a non-issue, dead upstream, no activity since
2013 on the other hand is a big issue.

Short term I am content to keep the software installed and continue using it while I investigate alternatives, but there are always the questions of 'How long do I really want to keep dead software on my system' and 'How long will the software continue to work'.

So I am wondering what other people are using and what do you like about it.

One of the things I like about easymp3gain-qt is the always visible listing of individual tracks that have been added and what track and album gain has been applied to each track. Having that kind of file listing is a lesser issue, would like a drag and drop solution.

 I'm getting ready to look at qtgain.

The snapshot makes it look kind of minimalistic as far as information it displays.

Current process when I get a new CD.

RIP with Soundjuicer, drag and drop from a filemanager to easymp3-qt to add the replaygain tags, browse into the album directory if not already there, select the music files and use the file managers 'open with' function to open in Musicbrainz Picard to pull in more complete tag
information and rename the files to '[track #] [track title].

Musicbrainz Picard does have a plug-in for replaygain, but I was not real happy with the way it works, seemed a little quirky but some of that may have been whatever updates were
happening in unstable at the time when I looked at it.

Later, Seeker

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