On 10/13/2016 10:15 PM, Seeker wrote:

To do this stuff I am normally browsing my music directories in PCManFM
and using the open with feature to open the files in Picard, mediainfo
or Ex Falso and it's just as easy to click the tools menu and open a
terminal window, so the method I settled in on for dealing with the
situation is....

Open a terminal window and use aacgain to undo, then get rid of the
tags, then check the tags to make sure it only shows the file names.

aacgain -u
aacgain -s d
aacgain -s c

Then use the back button in PCManFM, right click the folder with the
files and open with Ex Falso, remove the remaining replaygain tags, then
have Ex Falso recalculate the gain and save.

I have run across some m4a files that mediainfo shows having the undo
tags for replaygain so have adjusted the command line stuff.

aacgain -u *.m*
aacgain -s d *.m*
aacgain -s c *.m*

so I can just hit the up arrow 4 times and hit 'Enter' for each of
these, assuming I have not done anything else at the command line since
the last time and 'aacgain -s c *.m*' gives the expected result.

Later, Seeker

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