On 09/19/2016 05:36 PM, emetib wrote:
well thank you then ric.  glad it's not after hours or i would be doing the 
same thing.

no, i just noticed it today, and i can run the script on my other virtual 
machines without issue.  it's just the debian testing that is the problem.

whether i am calling -- python3 script or python script, or python3 >>> or python 
>>> and typing them in it's not working how it should.  wasted a weekend thinking that i 
had messed up my code.

so i was just wondering if others were having problems.  i'm starting to think 
that it's gcc version for python that is giving me problems.  yet i'm not that 
smart to figure it out.

my python scripts seem to be functioning fine.
even ones that use guis (tkinter)

all tony, all the time

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