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I have various scripts in $HOME/bin, many of which I have put in my .config/openbox/rc.xml so I can fire them off with a keybinding combo, like
<keybind key="W-b">
      <action name="Execute">

(This particular one does cat ~/Documents/bid  | xclip -selection c)
bid.txt being a template letter for bidding on translation projects.
I use this to quickly copy the file and then paste it into an e-mail,
then do any relevant edits.
I'my lazy and like to automate things as much as possible where I can slap a few keys (Alt-m brings up icedove, Ctrl N to compose a new message, then W-b/Ctrl-v to copy and paste my bid template), These things used to work perfectly in Wheezy, and even in a previous Jessie installation, but working in a new Jessie installation,
when I press W-b, and some others I get this:
Failed to execute child process (no such file or directory)
But the script IS in  ~/bin/
$ which bid
and that dir IS in my $PATH:
$ echo $PATH
and it IS executable:
$ ls -la bin/ | grep bid
-rwxr-xr-x   1 tony tony     142 Oct  4  2012 bid
I can execute these scripts from a terminal without any problem but not via the shortcuts in my rc.xml, nor with grun (shortcut W-r brings that up fine), nor with dmenu (W-p also working fine)
, and other stuff
Shortuts for stuff in /bin/ or /usr/bin/ (such as for icedove and iceweasel) seem to work fine, I can lock my screen (W-x engages slock); it's just my own scripts and stuff in ~/bin that are giving me trouble..



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