Hi list members,

I'm currently running Debian on a custom built desktop, and am looking to
get, as a little
something to complete the rig to desired specs, a sound card. Yes, I know
the spiel...
"Who needs a sound card in 2016?", or, "But onboard audio...!" My reason is
for audio
processing: I need a separate device with a little more dedicated "oomph".

But I digress. I've been carefully researching cards, trying to find a
solution that, in essence,
translates to one of the following:

1) Drop the card in and either there's kernel support
2) A kernel module is available
3) ALSA and/or Pulseaudio will see it and pick up on it

My rig is running sid with the 4.7.0-1-amd64 kernel. I do have non-free
repos enabled;
I did so to get proper Nvidia drivers for my graphics card. So I am
flexible enough
to accept non-free if, and only if, there's no other really good solution.

The cards I narrowed down to include the Creative Labs Z series (which,
are emu10k cores that are listed on the ALSA wiki as supported), or the Asus
Xonar Essence cards (which I have read as having kernel support). However, I
may take the Z series cards, as they're more within my budget.

So my question now is this: has anyone tried out a Creative Z series sound
in their rig, and if so, what is it like setting it up to work properly
with Debian?

Many thanks,


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