If some of this sounds familiar, I have asked related questions in the past.
[I do have copies of previous posts&replies for reference.
I've re-read most but may have missed reading some due to how I sorted them.]
I think I can give a better description of what I wish to accomplish.
The laptop I used for previous experiment is now classed as unreliable, which may have been cause of some previous problems. I have a healthy desktop machine now.

Due to limited bandwidth *EVERYTHING SHALL* be done from a physical set of purchased DVD's [Jessie 8.6].

I explicitly want a flash drive that functions as an install medium.
I DO NOT wish to install to the flash drive (one person called that 'Debian to Go']
It shall be bootable
It shall be able to install Debian on any machine which can boot from a USB device. It shall have a repository equivalent to the contents on all 13 DVD's.
It shall have multiple multiple editable preseed.cfg files.

I envision a file structure of
        /alpha          optional partition for GRUB or LILO
        /beta           bootable installer - essentially DVD 1 of 13
        /gamma          repository - contents of DVD 2 -> DVD 13
        /delta          collection of preseed.cfg files


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