On 10/17/2016 1:08 PM, Andrew M.A. Cater wrote:

Double layer Blu-Ray disk image. Use dd to write this to a single stick. That 
will give you virtually everything you need to install.

"virtually everything" <> "everything" by *DEFINITION*

A second USB stick to hold preseed files and the .iso files for dlbd1 and dlbd 
2 in case you really need it (chances are you won't - since the first DL-BD 
will be the first 10 DVDs in one directly bootable image)

"2 flash drives"  <> "1 flash drive"     <GRIN>
  THEREFORE *UNACCEPTABLE* by specification ;/
So I'm looking to near future when >= 128 GB flash drives available.
[currently commercially available 1 TB USB connected rotating medium is acceptable ;]

One USB stick will be bootable and install almost all of Debian (50G or 10 or 
11 DVDs). Optionally, you can use the second large stick and apt-cdrom add to 
add in any packages which aren't on the dl-bd image you use to install.

One 64G stick might hold both .iso files and any preseeds you write - so 2 x 
64G sticks might work.

Project specification *IS* :
  13 DVD's in --> *1* device out !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;/

Hope this helps,


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