Seems there's a fair bit of responding to what is evidently spam, so
perhaps it's been a while since an old-hand explained these ropes:

  - Debian's lists are very well spam-protected - the (extremely) few
        spam emails that gets through, are incredibly low in volume,
        compared to what a friend of mine who runs a public-facing ISP
        SMTP server, faces in a daily basis - in his case literally 10s of
        thousands of spam emails, except that certain RTBL/RBLs and other
        mechanisms are used

  - The one or two that get through, is incredibly low in volume!

  - Those one or two that get through, are still spam - they are not
         real people making an honest mistake. It is the effectiveness of
         Debian's spam-filtering, shielding us from the true (incredible)
         volume of actual spam, that allows us the luxury to imagine that
         inane rubbish emails could potentially be someone genuine.

  - Actually responding to such spam emails, e.g. "stop", "what do
         you mean?" etc etc, actually identifies both your personal email
         address as someone likely to respond to such emails, AND that
         their spamming of this particular email list is to some extent
         successful, thus further motivating the spammers to spam more.

In the face of the above facts, it is, in almost all cases, in our
collective interests to not respond to such emails.

Very similarly, it is in almost all cases in our collective interest
to neither respond to those who respond to such emails (of course I
hope this response ultimately reduces, rather than adds to, the
resultant noise level).

Finally, the incredible effectiveness of the Debian listmasters and
their spam-filtering efforts, is in fact something we might be both
appreciative of, and proud of (notwithstanding any personal gripes
against unrelated Debian's free Code of Conduct swinging community
approach which some conscientious individuals might be taken to
disagree with... <ahem>).


Have a great day y'all, and please, remember to bottom post to keep
the flow dude, keep the flow :)

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