> Got the sonofabitch, I added sdd to the ignore line 
> in /lib/udev/rules.d/60-persistent-storage.rules.

What exactly did you do ?
("ignore line" does not give me insight when looking at the file.)

> I wonder if I could make udev 
> aware that gparted was running.  That would be ideal.

Ideal would be if the systemd/udev community would take into respect that
they are not the only ones who want to access devices.

If i execute
  dd if=/dev/sr4 count=1 of=/dev/null
while the DVD drive tray is out, then the tray gets pulled in, followed by
the immediate error message "No medium found", and then the tray comes out
On a second try, the tray stays in. But again dd reports "No medium found"
and fails.

I can see the theoretically sufficient waiting loop in function sr_do_ioctl()
of drivers/scsi/sr_ioctl.c . It should really suffice, because i have a
similar repetition loop in libburn, and i can see by libburn's SCSI log
that the drive only emits the expected reply messages which should cause
the sr_do_ioctl() loop to repeat the SCSI command in question.

Everything in the kernel looks like it should work. Nevertheless, some
entity must be accessing the drive without going through sr_do_ioctl()
and obviously it has no clue of the peculiarities of a DVD drive.

This looks much like the footprints of systemd and udev.
I fiddled with 60-persistent-storage.rules too, but could not cause a
change in behavior.
Thus my request to see your succeful remedy for sdd.

Have a nice day :)


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