On 2018-02-11, Gene Heskett <ghesk...@shentel.net> wrote:
> On Sunday 11 February 2018 18:19:00 Brian wrote:
>> On Sun 11 Feb 2018 at 17:07:03 -0500, Gene Heskett wrote:
>> > On Sunday 11 February 2018 15:31:13 Brian wrote:
>> > > linuxcnc is an Xfce based system and that DE does the
>> > > automounting. It is not usbmount or 60-persistent-storage.rules.
>> > > I'm fairly sure there is a way of turning it off but haven't
>> > > examined the situation.
>> >
>> > And again the system doing the work is NOT the rock64, but this
>> > machine here in the house, a 32 bit wheezy install running TDE as
>> > the DE.
>> TDE has support channels. People there are far more likely to be
>> familiar with wheezy (unsupported on Debian) and their own packages
>> (not in Debian) and any automounting issues.
> Their mailing list turned into a black hole around 9 months back.  And 
> I'm subscribed.

A person on the trinity-users mailing list opined that there is a
right-click-on-the-automounted-usb contextual menu in TDE, and deep
within that menu somewhere is an option to turn off automounting by
unchecking the relevant menu item.

I can't vouch for the veracity, or even the pertinence, of this info,
but there you go.


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