On 02/12/18 11:20, richey goldberg wrote:
So I've had no luck trying to resolve my issues from this morning.
A few test include staring the install for 9.3.0 64 bit (Loads fine)
8.10.0 32bit (Loads Fine).    The AMD64 version of 8.10.0 still gives
me issues.

So I thought I would just grab an older version like 8.8.0 and just
try and see what happens.     After hours of searching for an 8.8.0
ISO or .jigdo I can't seem to find an actual download link.   I've
tried mirror after mirror after mirror and the files are not there.
I tried using jigdo an no matter what I try I get an error saying the
file is not found.

Is it really this difficult for someone new to Debian (but not Linux)
to find this stinking image?   It just seems like this is way more
difficult than it should be.



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