I had my site on my pc and I didn't use SSL, I've bought a small home
server and have decided to move my site there.
I did everything from the beginning (to be frank, with the help of
So, I've installed MariaDb, Apache2 and PHP7.x and got to the point to
see the Apache2 default page both opening the site from the Lan and
from the Wan.
I've started implementing SSL:
a2enmod ssl
a2ensite default-ssl

restarted Apache but this time opening my site the 
program advised that the server was badly configured
I've thought it could be beacause I didn't have a Certificate, so have
created the SSL Certificate with this command:

letsencrypt --apache -d mysite.com (obviously mysite.com replaces the
actual name of my site)

Anyway, now if I browse writing my IP I get the Apache default page
(the browser tells me, anyway, that the site is unsecure), if I write
the name of the site I get (traslated from Italian):
Unable to reach the site
Connection denied by mysite.com

I thank you in advance for any help !

Aldo :-)

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