David Wright wrote:
> On Mon 09 Apr 2018 at 10:21:46 (-0000), Dan Purgert wrote:
>> Well, nice that they're starting to do that ... it's still a Linksys, so
>> (not having any experience with it either), I'd lean toward it not being
>> that great of a device.
> That's a shame. I was moving towards linksys after Reco's suggection earlier.
>> But then again, my views are skewed by dealing with equipment that'll
>> handle 50-60 (active) connections per radio (anything more, and there's
>> simply not enough bandwidth on the AP -- granted wave-2 ac / MU-MIMO is
>> quite interesting in that regard).
> I'm sorry I'm not in your league, being merely a home user trying
> to improve coverage around the house. I was aiming to make just
> one purchase to further that end. I couldn't afford to have the place
> wired up like a data centre.

The second statement is modifying the first.  (Small) Business
networking pays the bills - I can't go out and have stuff falling over
and dying on me.  But then, that's where the Ubiquiti stuff comes in for
me.  Just as inexpensive as soho kit ... but performs significantly

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