On Mon 09 Apr 2018 at 10:21:46 (-0000), Dan Purgert wrote:
> Celejar wrote:
> > On Sun, 8 Apr 2018 00:32:05 -0000 (UTC)
> > Dan Purgert <d...@djph.net> wrote:
> >> If you have a device repeating a WiFi signal, it *will* use the same
> >> channel as the upstream AP.  It *cannot* use a different channel.
> >> 
> >> In the event you have a dual-band AP, and the following conditions are
> >> true
> >> 
> >>   - 5GHz uplink
> >>   - 2.4 GHz for clients
> >> 
> >> Then you are not "repeating" the WiFi signal to the downstream client
> >> devices (and the throughput losses I mentioned would not come into
> >> play).
> >
> > There are also apparently some units (even consumer grade ones), that
> > have two diferent radios both on (different) 5 GHz bands, so one could
> > use one for client access and one for uplink (although I have no
> > experience with this):
> Well, nice that they're starting to do that ... it's still a Linksys, so
> (not having any experience with it either), I'd lean toward it not being
> that great of a device.

That's a shame. I was moving towards linksys after Reco's suggection earlier.

> But then again, my views are skewed by dealing with equipment that'll
> handle 50-60 (active) connections per radio (anything more, and there's
> simply not enough bandwidth on the AP -- granted wave-2 ac / MU-MIMO is
> quite interesting in that regard).

I'm sorry I'm not in your league, being merely a home user trying
to improve coverage around the house. I was aiming to make just
one purchase to further that end. I couldn't afford to have the place
wired up like a data centre.


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