I am trying to make the pppd process to die if connection failed or is
lost, so that I could restart the connection with a different script (I
could tweak the chat script, but I'm still new to modem stuff and from
the doc I can hardily find how to only specify the PIN code "once per
hardware uptime" if you get what I mean).

I tried to read documentation from various sources, including debian's
manpages, but failed to do that, so now I'm reading the code to see if
it is possible to at least die if the chat script failed.

While reading the code ("apt-get sources ppp" gave me ppp-2-4-7, I'm
on stretch), I've noticed a variable that might be used without being
initialized. In fact, grep can not find any place where it's value is

ppp-2.4.7% grep -r callback_script -n
debian/ppp.symbols:54: callback_script@Base 2.4.7-1+2~
pppd/tty.c:132:char *callback_script;           /* script for
doing callback */
pppd/tty.c:562: connector = doing_callback?
callback_script: connect_script;

To me, it seems quite strange, and may be source of problems, but I
guess there is some explanations?

Best regards.

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