After upgrading the old laptop from Jessie to Stretch, I noticed that the screensaver in Mate environment does not work for me as before. For example, when the screen goes black after some time of inactivity, for returning back it is not enough just to touch the touchpad or press any key. Instead, pressing any key or touching the touchpad makes the screen just some 1% lighter than the full black (or better to say, it remains 99% black). However, the last working GUI does not return.

The only solution I found is to press Ctrl-Alt-F1 and there is another GUI login screen, and after login I am returned back to the last state of GUI I was working in.

Furthermore, if I do not perform Ctrl-Alt-F1 in a relatively short time after the screen went black (but after some 15-20 mins or so), Ctrl-Alt-F1 gives the GUI login prompt again but the touchpad is not responding to touching and no key from keyboard reacts (and the mouse pointer looks as 'frozen'). However, it is still possible to press the left key bellow the touchpad to continue with login.

Ctrl-Alt-F2 remains 99% black as described above, while Ctrl-Alt-F3 to Ctrl-Alt-F6 bring text CGI login prompt. I wonder whether all of that are normal conditions for Stretch.

Finally, if the laptop is continually active (means without any kind of idling where the screensaver activates), it works perfectly for hours or more.

Any comment?


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