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deloptes <delop...@gmail.com> wrote:

> Patrick Scribus wrote:
> > What do you guys
> > use for similar tasks?  
> I guess from share to a cloud.
> I spent a lot of time in phone sync via bluetooth (calendar,
> contacts, todos and notes).
> The PC does not have any data on it - there is a share. From outside
> - VPN to the share.
> Keep your data at a central place. If you must edit documents from
> different devices - perhaps a kind of cloud solution is preferable.

Until your phone line goes down for a week, as mine did a few years
ago. I had a mobile dongle for simple things, but it was unreliable and
slow, and completely unusable for any kind of backup of more than a MB
or so, or for actually working through.

Or you find yourself occasionally working (as I do now) in a 'managed'
office, which provides a (slow again) access to a 192.168.x.0/24 with
a single outside world connection shared with the rest of the building.
My client there does not push enough through the net to be worth paying
for his own separate connection. And no, I don't have these problems
often enough for it to be worth me paying for a fast mobile connection.

And I like having custody of my own data. And I use Unison for my own
sync work mostly, with FreeFileSync on the Windows partitions of my


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