On Tue, 24 Mar 2020 15:46:00 -0700
David Christensen <dpchr...@holgerdanske.com> wrote:

> I hosted services from home many years ago.  My bandwidth was very 
> quickly consumed and connectivity became a major problem.  Now I use 
> domain hosting and VPS services.

I've never known enough about web server security to dare to run a site
on my own server. I've always used a small amount of hosted web space
elsewhere, and given somebody else the job of not getting hacked.

The downside of that is that one of my former hosts has been taken over
by another company, the web hosting was dropped but the server still
remains connected, so I have a ridiculously out-of-date set of pages
still up, that neither I nor anybody else are able to remove. The
copyright notice of 2007 is a clue to anybody finding it, which is at
least unlikely as it is accessible on a URL that I haven't published
anywhere for twenty years. But it's still there, I've just looked...


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