Gene Heskett wrote:

> Whereas I installed the 16 inch gun version of bot killers, iptables.  It
> has taken 65 lines of DROP's in the form of to
> control the bots but I seem to be doing that well now, and my net
> bandwidth has dropped like a rock, was peaking at >100g a month but now
> theres room for me a get a packet in edgewise if someone wants a ready
> built preempt-rt kernel and ready to configure for their hardware but
> bleeding edge LinuxCNC for their rpi4. But while I am adding rules,
> they'll move the bots to get away from people like me. They don't want
> to understand that if they want to mirror my site, they can pay me for
> the bandwidth used. Index it yes, mirror it daily, no.
> Now its about tied with incoming email. And the folks who want my stuff
> can get it at the upload rate I'm paying for. Nominally 300k/second.

I was wondering if you have considered using VPN?

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