On 5/28/23 03:09, Christian wrote:
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Betreff: Re: Weird behaviour on System under high load
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On 5/27/23 15:28, Christian wrote:

New day, new tests. Got a crash again, however with the message
controller unavailable".
Figured that is the SATA drives not being plugged in the right
Corrected that and a 3:30h stress test went so far without any
besides this old bug

Seems that I am just jumping from one error to the next...

3 hours and 30 minutes?  Yikes!  Please stop before you fry your
computer.  10 seconds should be enough to see a problem; 1 minute is
more than enough.

Sadly not always. My crashes before would occur between a few minutes
and 1 hour load. Now I hope everything is stable. Crashes are gone,
only the network error seems to be unresolved (even though there is
some workaround).

Repeatable crashes from a reported issue indicate your hardware is okay.

With the undervolting / overclocking on 12 core stress test, the system
stays below 65┬░C (on Smbusmaster0) so should be no risk of damage.

It is your computer and your decision.

At this point, I would start adding the software stack, one piece at a time, testing between each piece. The challenge is devising or finding tests. Spot testing by hand can reveal bugs, but that gets tiresome. The best approach is an automated/ scripted test suite. If you are using Debian packages, you might want to look for test suites in the corresponding source packages. And/or, you can use building from source as a stress test. Compiling the Linux kernel should provide your processor, memory, and storage with a good workout.

Thanks for the help!

YW.  :-)


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