On 6/2/23 04:39, Victor Sudakov wrote:
Dear Colleagues,

We're voulenteers.

There is a hypervisor called bhyve for FreeBSD. It's completely
headless, no graphics, runs as a daemon and provides serial and VNC

Can you please advise a similar headless and minimal hypervisor for
Debian or Ubuntu?

Libvirt with or without apt recommend.

Please don't just say "kvm". I've tried installing different
combinations of "qemu-kvm", "virt-manager" etc and they all depend on

Something went rong, if you want headless and you were using virt-manager.

dozens of GUI tools.

Why saying so if you know the answer.

A list of packages for the "apt install" command to install a really
minimal hypervisor would be very much appreciated.

You need to figure that out on your own, the Debian wiki comes to mind

I'm not really
afraid of writing a couple of text or YAML configuration files to
describe VMs if it helps me avoid the GUI configuration.

Look at Puppet or Ansible to provision your infrastructure.

What you want is  definitely possible in Debian (headless host and guest).

John Doe

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