Mario Marietto wrote:
> Hello to everyone. I follow every day the development of bhyve for FreeBSD
> and I have even collaborated with some of its developers to add the
> functionality of the passing through of one nvidia gpu to a linux guest.
> What to say ? that bhyve is a programming gem. Qemu and kvm have more
> functionalities but they are even old. Bhyve is a fresh product that is
> evolving fast. Qemu + kvm for example don't work on my old PC that has an
> Intel I5 cpu,because it does not have all the virtualization requirements.
> For the sake of my curiosity I tried bhyve worked. I don't know
> why,but I know that it requires less virtualization directives. Some
> developers talked about the idea to rewrite it to make it a standalone tool
> and I think that's a nice idea. As I think that a cool idea could be to
> rewrite its code to port it to Linux. It could be used as a light
> hypervisor,for those old machines like mine,that don't have all the
> hardware prerogatives needed to run qemu and kvm.

Still, from my experience, if you disable hardware virtualization in
BIOS Setup, bhyve does not work.

I agree with you that bhyve is a masterpiece. The way it works with
ZFS is brilliant too. I usually use the vm-bhyve shell with it, but it
seems to be supported by some hypervisor management tools like

Victor Sudakov VAS4-RIPE

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