Am Fri, Jun 02, 2023 at 07:07:05PM +0200 schrieb Michel Verdier:
> Le 2 juin 2023 therealcyclist a écrit :
> > I tried the new Debian bookworm installer rc4 and i manually installed 
> > i3-wm.
> > I started i3 from tty with startx command as user.
> > to my surprise i found out that the xorg process is running as root.
> > that can't be intentional, can it?
> Maybe because some display managers want xorg as root

You linked to the Archlinux Wiki and I have installed i3-wm under archlinux and 
there X11 runs without root privileges by default.

I assumed that it is the same under Debian because Debian is known for having 
relatively safe default values.
It looks like i3 doesn't need x11 as root either.

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