On 3/6/23 03:19, Stefan Monnier wrote:
The most recent general-purpose Intel CPU without VT-X is from 2012.
*everything* on processors that old is slow.

Actually, for many (most?) single-threaded applications, I wouldn't be
surprised if some 2010 CPUs end up within a factor 3 of the most badass
desktop you can find today.


Since the above message refers to "10 year old" computers, if a person searches the list archives, I had posted to this, and, other operating system lists, regarding a computer that I bought in 2013 (which is ten years ago, this year), which was so advanced, that only two non-MS operating systems had drivers for the CPU; it had an Intel i7 CPU, with 32GB RAM, and, until it stopped working last year or this year, due to a grid electricity failure, which, I think, wrecked the power supply for the computer (an Acer Aspire "laptop"; - a V3-772G), that computer never gave me cause to think it slow.

Whoever posted the message to which the above message is a reply, is showing a lack of knowledge of computers; the "speed" of a computer, involves more components than simply the CPU - an i9 with 2GB of RAM, will probably not be as "fast" as in i3 with 32GB of RAM.

Bret Busby
West Australia

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