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Can anyone explain how Trixie is handling crontabs now?
This behavior has existed forever.  I'm on bookworm, though, so no idea
if anything is changing in trixie.
The debian wiki suggests that the handling of cron/anacron is evolving.
That sounds like a euphemism for "being killed off" by Systemd and its timers.


There are a lot of things going on these days that don't seem quite ready for prime time.

Examples include systemd networking, which remains woefully ill-equipped to deal with bonding and wifi.

Wayland may have some good things to say about it but when I try it, it messes up my desktop. I have my desktop scaled to 150% to help with my old eyes, but Wayland doesn't seem to apply it to text, which is where I really need it.

I'm hoping Plasma 6 will address the Wayland issues at least.

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