"Spiros Denaxas" wrote:

> On Fri, Aug 29, 2008 at 3:53 PM, Richard Foley
> <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > Hi Heiko,
> > 
> >> I could imagine $DB::single can be set to 3 for this 'accelerated'
> >> stepping.
> > > 
> > It's a good idea.

To Richard:
Afterwards I realized, $DB::single is to be used as a bitmask.
So it would be 8 instead of 3, since 4 is already taken.

> > 
> >> May I reserve the capital N for that command?
> > > 
> > Nearly :-)
> > 
> > I only mean you could use either 'nn' or 'N', equally.  To be
> > honest, the former appeals a little more as an extention to the
> > existing command, while the latter seems to be a bit more distinct,
> > although I don't actually have another suggestion for the latter at
> > the moment either.  If you implement it though, I suspect you can
> > use any letter you choose, certainly at first...
> > 
> Hello,
> +1 on that. I like the idea of `nn' rather than 'N'. It's nicely in
> line with `-vvv' being ridiculously verbose in many GNU utils.
> Spiros Denaxas

Hmm, yes but it means more typing for what I consider my 'default'
(huffman coding, you know :-).

<heretic mode on>
>From my experience with the debugger I would prefer the behaviour of
my proposal as a default for 'n'. 

What would be the compatibility issue, if we change the behaviour of
'n' to what I proposed? Would something be missing?

Would you be annoyed by such a change? The only difference should be the
execution of grep/map/sort/...

I either use 's' to do small steps or use 'n' with the intention to do
bigger steps. But currently I cannot get this behaviour. It is not
exactly what is documented, but this is what my expectation is (silly
<heretic  mode off>

The behaviour of 'n' is a technical byproduct of the debugger loop, it
seems to me. Nowhere in the debugger source $DB::single is checked for
the value 2. Only bit 0 ( 0 or 1 ) is checked and manipulated on
entering a sub. So the granularity of 'n' is the natural one.

To implement the proposed behaviour, I think temporary breakpoints need
to be set.

Thanks for your feedback,

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