On Friday 29 August 2008 19:28:08 Heiko Ei�feldt wrote:
> To Richard:
> Afterwards I realized, $DB::single is to be used as a bitmask.
> So it would be 8 instead of 3, since 4 is already taken.
Details, details ;-)

> The only difference should be the execution of grep/map/sort/...
> I either use 's' to do small steps or use 'n' with the intention to do
> bigger steps. But currently I cannot get this behaviour. It is not
> exactly what is documented, but this is what my expectation is (silly
> me).
> <heretic  mode off>
If you mean:

1. n <- next step over everything (including grep/map/sort).

2. s <- step into everything (including grep/map/sort).

3. forget nn and N.

Then I would think this would be (mostly very) intuitive change, and the 
behaviour (most) people would expect from the debugger, most of the time.  
You'd have to check for unwarranted side effects of course, such that blocks 
other than single-line grep, map and sort, remain unaffected, but otherwise 
it seems to me to be a good idea.

Richard Foley
Ciao - shorter than aufwiedersehen


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