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I recall a while back about errors where you get Error #0xC0000142 (The application failed to initialize) for smtp32.exe, somehow related to Declude.  We started getting these recently for no particular reason that I can think of.  Is there a setting in Declude that helps with this?

IIRC, this is the "mystery heap" problem and solving it will mostly have to do with the setting you're using.


There is a particular chunk of memory that runs out if too many applications/processes are started at once as children of other processes. In your case, for example, too many concurrent instances of SMTP32.exe along with a number of other factors.

If I'm guessing correctly, you could suddenly experience this problem due to allowing enough SMTP32 processes (usually controlled by the number of processing threads you allow) and also having enough mail running through your system to exhaust the mystery heap.

This search might help you find what you're looking for in previous discussions.

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Pete McNeil, President
MicroNeil Research Corporation

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